30 de dez de 2009

Mais notícias sobre "O Pato" conquistando a América

Pra quem como eu não "intendi" INGRÊS, aqui ta o link do Google tradutor

Flux Screening Series

Flux Screening Series - 12/17/09
Hammer Museum – Los Angeles, CA
Live Review: 12/17/09
The crowd at the Hammer Museum this Thursday night were audience to some of the year’s best music videos, including the latest by directors Michel Gondry and Keith Schofield. The FLUX event represented award-winning filmmakers from the francophone world, along with two directors from Brazil–Didiu Rio Branco and Robson Minghini–and one from Spain, Jesus Hernandez. Videos represented here ranged from the highly technical to the inventively simple.
Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum, 12/17/2009
Branco and Minghini’s video for NASA’s “O Pato” follows the animated adventures of the two NASA DJs–besuited in astronaut gear–making merry with their manimal friends in a São Paulo bar. Other highlights of the video include dancing cockroaches and furry fellatio.
To even out the night, Director Michel Gondry premiered his latest production, a colorfully choreographed video for Mia Doi Todd’s “Open Your Heart.” Gondry had the Riverside Community College Marching Band put on customized T-shirts (woven by Todd and friends) with fronts and backs showing off complementary colors. To a steady bossa nova beat, the band synchronized their movements to create a brilliant display of shifting rainbow hues. Think North Korea’s mass games except much simpler and a lot less creepy. According to Todd, the concept for the video came first and she penned the song specifically with Gondry’s video in mind.
Afterward, Mia Doi Todd and Michel Gondry performed almost a full set of her music, with Gondry on the drums.
Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum, 12/17/2009
Flux Screening Series at the Hammer Museum, 12/17/2009
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